A Visualised Meditation on the Element Water

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A Visualised Meditation on the Element Water

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This is a visualised spoken meditation I wrote for a small group of like-minded friends - after leading them through it we compared responses.

Meditation on the Element Water

Please join me on another of our journeys of discovery

To prepare - sit comfortably - eyes closed - hands in the lap.
Relax all the muscles of the body.
Focus your mind on your breathing.
To fill your body with intuitive energy, feel the energy of the earth beneath your feet and of the sky above.
Gradually allow these two energies to fill your body from above and below, until all the areas of your body feel the total energy making you tingle with anticipation.

In this spiritual state please see a place in your minds eye - it can be anywhere - somewhere you feel comfortable and aware - it could be a grove in a wood, a lakeside, a hill top, the seashore - this place will become your inner grove whenever you want to retire into inspiration, learning and discovery.
Sit or stand or lie for a while in this landscape and using the eyes of your inner being observe all the natural things around you - hear the birds - look at the ripples on the water - see the leaves on the trees flutter in the breeze - feel that same breeze brush against your face - feel the textures of the earth beneath you - the bark the tree - the rough surface of the stone - feel the presence of the wildlife all around you.

From previous occasions you may already have met such companions as your guide, your guardian and your grove creature - if so look around the grove and see if they are present with you. Greet them with joy and respect.
If you have not yet had the privilege of meeting your otherworld friends, don't worry, just follow your inclinations and soon or in future journeys they will find you.
You have a purpose for being here - to journey and discover the inspiration that the world around your inner grove can provide.

Look around you - there will be a gateway or exit from your grove - as you walk towards it notice if you have any companions for our journey - if so make them welcome to come with you.
The pathway beyond the gate is clear of trees and other plants although you can see many varieties around you - rustling in the undergrowth indicate unseen beings - not afraid of you - just going about their everyday lives.
Occasionally you will see a larger animal grazing - they may pause to watch you with curiosity but again will not take fright to run away.

If you feel it is appropriate greet them as you would a friend, for that is what they are, friends you have not yet met.

Walk in silence for a short while - enjoy the peace - let the surrounding calm permeate your spirit and become open to the joy around you.

After a few moments you notice someone approaching walking in the opposite direction to you but on the same path such that you are bound to meet.
Are they male or female - it matters not - they mean you no harm. They greet you - by all means reply in an appropriate fashion.

They smile and ask
'Have you come far and have you far to go'

You reply
'Only a short distance but my destination is unknown to me. Do you know where this path leads?.

They reply
'The end of the pathway depends on what you wish to learn. The destination is to return to where you started, knowing more than you left with'

Is there anything that can help me know my way?'

'Listen then look - watch and enjoy - notice then ask - understand and be grateful - return and share'

With that they stroll off down a side pathway you had not noticed and disappear among the trees.

So, wondering what they meant, you proceed further along the path.
Although the turns in the pathway hide the future from view, the sunshine through the dappling leaves reveals a sparkling ahead.

As you get closer - you hear in the distance a quiet rushing sound of water and a melody played on some sort of stringed instrument - beautiful and lilting.
There are no words but the music seems to call you saying- come closer - you are welcome - stay a while before you need to return.

A few steps around the next bend in the path you find the origin of the sparkle - a waterfall - not very high but falling steadily into a pool which then exits into a stream that flows beyond
As you look, in the distance you can just make out the glint of the sea on a shoreline.

Sitting by the side of the pool is a young man holding a harp, which he skilfully continues to play while with a nod of his head he indicates a convenient tree stump upon which you can sit.
As you sit he completes his tune and waits quietly for you to get comfortable before saying
'Welcome friend, sit awhile and enjoy being with us'

Us! You think - there is no-one else there.

He speaks again.
'I know you to be on a journey of discovery - what is it you seek?'

' The journey is of discovery yes, but I don't know the destination or what it is that I seek - it is the answer to a question my spirit keeps asking'

'You may have been at your destination already but not had the sight to see it - the answer is often within you but too deep to grasp until you know it is there and draw it to you'

He begins to play again - as his fingers glide over the strings, three maidens appear from amongst the trees and stand near to him, join in his song, their lilting voices harmonising the melody.
Sit and listen - the words are repetitive but seem to be resonating with something unspoken within you.

As the song fades, the maidens, one by one step forward, each holding something which they offer to you with words that are appropriate.

The first offers a beautiful blue feather which you recognise as being that of a magpie.
She says
'A third of your answer is whispered on the wind, seek your truth on the wings of a bird as it glides through the skies until finding a safe place to rest.'

The second maiden holds a small but beautiful crystal. She says
'The second part of your quest for knowledge is buried in our Mother Earth, but she will readily give it up if you delve but a little way.'

The third maiden steps forward offering a seashell. She says
'It is said that in the shell you can hear the ocean. In the murmuring of the waves is another part of your story. Cleanse yourself in the waters before travelling back whence you came.'

The three speak in unison
'Look not for the unusual but listen to the messages around you - little by little in nature you will garner your answers.
Learn and be grateful - gather and share with your kindred - bless and heal where it is needed.'

Thanking each, you put their gifts into the pouch you find hanging at you waist.
As you look up, the three maidens are gliding towards the trees and with a final wave of goodbye, you hear the words
'Remember the cleansing'

The harpist returns to his harp, quietly strumming random but still beautiful phrases - at your gaze he looks at the pool.
You walk to it's edge and dipping your hands into the cool clear water, you first drink and then slowly cleanse your face.

The young man is also retreating as you hear his voice
' Return now to your grove and follow your spiral path to your inner answer,'

You turn to the pathway but before starting your return journey, you promise to share the blessings you have received.

Steadily walking, the return seems shorter than the going and you find your grove just as you left it except that the gate now has a symbol on it - remember what it is - it may mean something for you alone - it may be something else you can share.
Give farewell and thanks to all your companions and slowly allow your intuitive energy to spiral upwards and outwards to do its work amongst the tribes.

Open your eyes and stretch
Consider what you have seen and heard on our journey
Write it down if you feel it is right to do so
Take refreshment and rest
I hope our next searching will be soon and may you always have your awen


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Re: A Visualised Meditation on the Element Water

Post by Crystal »

I would love to hear this spoken to me rather than me reading it.
This is because I take quite a while with certain passages but I am sure you will understand.
I feel like closing my eyes now.

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Re: A Visualised Meditation on the Element Water

Post by Paula »

Crystal wrote: Sat Jun 20, 2020 11:11 am I would love to hear this spoken to me rather than me reading it.
You can do this online here - https://ttsreader.com/
Just copy and paste the text at this website, change voices to suit.
They are a bit robotic but maybe you can find a similar website that pleases you.

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Re: A Visualised Meditation on the Element Water

Post by Sky Fall »

Paula wrote: Sat Jun 20, 2020 3:21 pm
They are a bit robotic but maybe you can find a similar website that pleases you.
You're telling me.

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