The House Whisperer

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The House Whisperer

Post by gwydion »

I have other poems of a pagan nature still to share but I thought this one might be interesting

It doesn't need any explanation - it is written exactly as I was at the time.

The House Whisperer

Quietly thinking as I sit alone
Listening to the tick of the clock
There is an occasional sound of a car passing by
And a door closes far down the block

The chair creaks as I swing back and forth
And the keyboard rattles along
The water glugs as it flows through the pipes
And the boiler joins in with the song

Is the soft subtle hiss my ears playing tricks
Or is it energy swirling around
The drag of my feet on the pile of the rug
Adds a sharp sudden thud to the sound

In moments of pondering, thoughts hither and yon
Translate to my circling thumbs
Words tumble and jumble behind lidded eyes
As the computer fan softly hums

The breeze strokes the leaves of the trees in the yard
And a cat prowls and yowls in the street
A mobile phone ringtone sounds out an alarm
To accompany scurrying feet

I hear the house whispering, each room has a voice
My own voice a part of the throng
An alien choir of structure and shape
And my soul conducting the song.

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Re: The House Whisperer

Post by Sky Fall »

Very nice, sir.

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Re: The House Whisperer

Post by Paula »

Another great piece.

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